eMotionLAB 2020 Valentine’s Day Greeting

eMotionLAB 2020 Chinese Valentine’s Day Greeting

eMotionLAB 2020 Greetings Series - Off Work

eMotionLAB 2020 Greetings Series - New Year

eMotionLAB 2020 Greetings Series - Happy Birthday

eMotionLAB 2020 Greetings Series

Seasonal greetings are excellent ways for brands and corporates to maintain good relationships with clients. They can send their warm regards during different festive occasions while showcasing their latest creative ideas and abilities

This year, eMotionLAB has produced a series of greeting as different short format videos via online channels with a set of well designed 3D characters. The themes bring out happiness and festive vibes. The cheerful and colorful characters present the high spirit of the team.

As we were developing our ideas, we observed the market behavior and made some changes. Seeing that it is becoming popular to share messages through WhatsApp stickers, we adapted the designs into a set of stickers for their online sharing. 


Through such internal projects, it provided an excellent opportunity for our team to experiment with various innovative 3D simulation techniques advanced by the day. Combined with realistic rendering techniques, it gave a high production value to our greetings series. It is becoming a trend for brands such as the Balenciaga Spring 19 Campaign, to utilize 3D CG graphics to create innovative social buzz. We believe that our greeting videos could be a small step to convince the market to be more open-minded to the innovative techniques for creating stunning images in promotional materials.