Sino Group Seasonal Greetings Animated Video - CNY 2020

Sino Group Seasonal Greetings Animated Video - National Day 2019

Sino Group Seasonal Greetings Animated Video - Xmas 2019

Seasonal Greetings Animated Video 2018-2020

Client: SINO Group

It has been a tradition that iconic buildings from both sides of Victoria Harbour unite to form a city canvas during Christmas and lit up  our city with lighting decorations. In 2018, our client, Sino Group, would like to step up the game and approached us to create something different to promote their brand and give a surprise to the people of Hong Kong.

Sino Group is not only an elite in the properties field but also who cares and values lifestyle, therefore we proposed to create a piece of giant moving art piece weaving together different visual styles, that everyone in the city will find a style they like. Made up of over 52,000 LED lights, a group of outdoor digital walls was created on the facade of Tsim Sha  Tsui and Empire Centre and China Hong Kong City for an immersive experience to audiences who passed by as a warm-hearted greeting.

Media coverages and social buzz have proven that we have surprised the city. Christmas lights decoration is not limited to static design and can be presented as a moving painting. With great success in the year, we are honored to help with the following seasonal greetings. Apart from 2D illustrated graphics, we have tried with more directions, such as 3D graphics in optical illustrations, kaleidoscopes, and typographies. 

We believe that by creating a moving art piece as a part of city canvas in the special festival can make an example to encourage people to value innovative art form, and promote brand image for our clients at the same time.