AA-Ep3 外智能機場

AA-Ep2 三跑系統 - 點只跑道咁簡單

AA-Ep2 三跑領航 香港起飛

AA-Ep3 智能機場 (vertical)

CAD-Ep1 「空牆」的迷思

CAD-Ep2 跑道容量

CAD-Ep3 「削山」?

Infographic video series for Airport Authority & Civil Aviation Department

Client: Airport Authority Hong Kong

About The Client:
Airport Authority is a statutory body to strengthen Hong Kong International Airport as the leading international aviation hub and a key engine for the economic growth of Hong Kong.

The Third Runway System (3RS) is a controversial project. We have to articulate the benefits of the system with an infographic series.

What We Have Done :
We used three short infographics videos communicating different features of the 3RS and the new terminal. Complex and factual information is streamlined into easily digestible bites for mass audiences as short-form videos. 

Aligning with client’s image as a world-class airport,  the project with a sleek and sophisticated illustration style has appealed to the general public.